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Planning a Family Reunion


Tips for Multi-Generational Traveling

  • Get all of your “Generations” Involved. Find out at least 3 things each “Generation” would like to do and try to plan accordingly. It may not be 100% possible but it will give you an idea about what to look for.
  • Make sure you get a space big enough for Everyone to have their own space. At Prizer Point Marina & Resort that would be our 3-Bedroom 2 Bath Condos or 3-Bedroom Log Cabins. Everyone can be together or apart depending on what they feel like doing!
  • Forget the first day! Don’t plan a ton of things to do on the first day, let everyone rest, shower, and get over the traveling before planning a big day of events.
  • Make sure there is something for Everyone to do. Whether that means sitting around or going out on a boat or sitting at the pool.
  • Don’t be afraid to Split Up. Let the guys go fishing & the girls run into town to do a little shopping.
  • Make sure to set a reasonable budget. Cook together, eat at your house, condo, etc. Set the amount of times you want to eat out.
  • Don’t over-work the Grandparents. You are on a family vacation, not “Here can you watch the kids so we can go do something” Vacation!
  • CAPTURE every moment you can to save the memories!

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Traveling with pets…

Make sure the Campground or Resort you are going to allows pets & know their Pet Policies. Your K9 friend must be Up-To-Date on Shots & Healthy! Ask your veterinarian to give you a Health Certificate, and keep your pet’s shot records with you. Rules vary by state and you need to be prepared.

  • Make sure your pet has appropriate name tag with a Cell Phone number that you have with you & proper collar/leash. (This is also another good reason to have your animal Micro-Chipped, you can register the micro-chip with your name, phone number, address, etc)
  • Make sure your pet has the appropriate flea & tick control.
  • Pack enough food & water for your trip as well as their food & water bowl. Be sure to watch your Dog or cat to keep them out of “standing bodies” of water so you can try to prevent sickness.
  • Research near-by veterinary offices for a Just-In-Case Situation
  • Pack your furry friends own pillow or dog carrier so they can have their “own” space if they need it.
  • Don’t forget your pet first aid kit. Keep their medicines up-to-date, heart worm medicine, allergy pills, or any medicines your animal might need.

For more Information on Traveling with Pets go to:


Traveling with Infants/Toddlers

  • Plan a trip that is within your infant or toddlers comfort zone. You know how far your child can travel before your adventure.
  • Be sure to have a Pack-N-Play, it can double in two areas of fun. First of all sleeping, this can be your childs bed. Secondly they can be in it instead of “Tasting the environment” you can make sure their not eating things their not supposed to if their in their Pack-N-Play
  • Bring enough water to keep your infant/toddler hydrated.
  • FIRST-AID KIT for bee-stings, poison ivy, or any other mis-hap while camping or in a lodging unit.
  • Try to keep your child to their regular routines like napping, eating, play time, etc. this way it keeps some normality in their day. Kids don’t do change to their environment or schedules like some adults.
  • Prepare for colder or warmer temperatures depending on where you are going.

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