Prizer Lagoon Family Fun Zone, is opening in 2018!

Get ready for an unforgettable time at the inflatable water park, ropes course, and zip line .

Guests staying at Prizer Point Marina & Resort will love discounted tickets and the convenient access to this amazing lakefront attraction that includes:

  • A 600 ft zip line that launches guests over Lake Barkley 
  • Inflatable water park on Lake Barkley with access for 180 people simultaneously 
  • Grass area at the water’s edge with volleyball courts and picnic tables to watch the lagoon activities from.
  • Shop with snacks, beverages and more
  • Paddle boats, stand up paddleboards, kayaks and more
  • A family rope course with 14 obstacles taking 35-45 minutes to conquer 
  • Ziplines’ totaling 1235 feet in length with over six zips – the final 600 feet offers magnificent views as you fly over Lake Barkley 

Fun Zone Pricing 2018

This season runs Saturday of Memorial Day to Labor Day

Activities & Estimated Times:
Ropes Course: 1 hour
Zipline: 1 hour
Inflatable Water Park: 2 hours

Regular Price per person, per day use only:
1st activity: $25
2nd activity: $15
3rd activity: $10
Extra Events: $10

Seasonal, lodging, and camping guests:
1st activity: $20
2nd activity: $10
3rd activity: $5
Extra Events: $5

GROUP RATES- group rates do NOT apply on WEEKENDS or HOLIDAYS.
Groups of 15-25:

All 3 events (1 hour for rope course, 1 hour for zip line course, 2 hours on waterpark)
-Walk-in guest- $35/person
-Seasonal/Camping guest- $30/person

Zip Line course and Rope Course (1 hour on rope, 1 hour on zip)
-Walk-in guest- $25/person
-Seasonal/Camping guest-$20/person

Water Park (2-hour interval)
-Walk-in guest- $25/person
-Seasonal/camping guest-$20/person


Weekday & non-holiday seasonal pass:
Good for 1 time a day use of Zip line & Rope Course (subject to getting scheduled daily) and water park usage (2-hour duration).
$249/person for walk-in guest
$149/person for season site & seasonal slip holders. ( Immediate family ONLY)

We will put one armband on the guest at check-in, and punch a hole for each event. The armband will be cut off after all events are complete. This is for tracking reasons. If a guest loses the band, they CAN NOT do the activity.

Activities will have a scheduled time. Call ahead to make a reservation or check for availability for each individual event.

Floating Water Park will be in 2-hour blocks as follows:
1st run- 10:00AM-12:00PM
2nd run- 12:30PM-2:30PM
3rd run- 3:00PM-5:00PM
4th and last run- 5:30PM-7:30PM

****Please call ahead of time to check to see what times the waterpark is running. Use the above schedule for holidays and weekends.