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Fall Camping Tips with Toddlers

By October 8, 2013 June 7th, 2016 Camp Kentucky Lakes

Camping with infants and/or toddlers can be challenging especially if this is your first camping trip. So we have done a little research and gathered a few tips for Camping with your infants and/or toddlers during the Fall Season.

-Use the Daylight hours to you advantage, wait to use your flashlights for fun not trying to get everything set up for your camping adventure

-Plan fun campsite activities whether that be flashlight tag, bubbles, S’mores, finding S’more sticks, nature BINGO, hikes anything that would be fun for you or him/her.

-Make a potty plan, pick a spot in the woods or show them where the bathrooms are so you can try to avoid belly aches.

-Invest in Good sleeping gear
Like this KidCo Peapod perfect for infants and toddlers while sleeping to keep bugs out and the comfort of home.

Infant/Toddler Portable Bed

Infant/Toddler Portable Bed

Or this portable High Chair that you can take ANYWHERE.

Baby Go-Anywhere Highchair

-Talk about fire safety, we all know that the campfire is the great part about camping, but fire safety should be top priority!

-Pack a warm jacket, you never know when the weather might change in the fall or those chilly early mornings.

-Pack food he/she will eat, try to pack nutritious food that they will eat things that you can either keep cold in a cooler but beware of foods that might melt changing the texture!

-Have an alternate plan, check for other lodging around the area, or the nearest location for storm shelters.

-Pack extra batteries and remember where you packed them.

-Dress in layers, you can always take layers off or put them on the keep warm.

-Keep Bedtime Routines, you may be out and about but keep the bedtime routines so that you keep a happy baby. Remember a well rested child is always a happy child:)

-And last but not least don’t unroll your sleeping bags until you are ready to go to bed that way you don’t risk getting moisture in your bed and keeping you chilly at night.

*Information was gathered from http://www.babble.com,http://www.cragmomma.com, http://www.travelchannel.com, http://www.kidco.com, and http://www.campingworld.com