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Prizer Point Marina & Resort: A Pet Friendly Vacation Destination

By April 24, 2015 June 3rd, 2016 Camp Kentucky Lakes

Traveling With Pets Gets Easier Every Trip

At Prizer Point Resort & Marina and Kentucky Lakes KOA, we know that your furry, four legged family members are an important part of your family vacation! That’s why we’re a Pet Friendly Resort with dedicated Dog Park and Pet Friendly Accommodations. Check out these other Pet Accessories that make traveling with your pets easier than ever!

Looking for time and hassle-saving ways to ensure your pet is as comfortable as the two-legged family members on your next vacation? Look no further, read on to find out what pet travel/camping must haves are hot today.

“Whistle” Dog activity trackerwhisper
Fitness trackers are all the rage. Go to any gym, and you’ll likely see Fitbits, iFits and Jawbone Ups strapped on most of the wrists of the workout weary.

But, what about the family dog? Who’s tracking his workouts and sleep patterns? It was probably only a matter of time, but a company called Whistle has come up with an activity monitor for dogs that tracks both your pet’s motions while awake, but also their sleep. It sends all of the data to your smart phone, so you can keep track of Fido’s fitness.

While this all may sound a bit “over the top,” the small disc device does have one other shining feature: It acts as a GPS monitor so you’ll know right where your dog is at all times. Think about that next time you’re camping and your four-legged friend gets off the leash. Get It Now!

Pet Tube Travel Kentravel_kennelnel
Here’s an easy way to keep your pet comfortable yet totally contained on your next trip. The Pet Ego Pet Tube Car Kennel sits across your vehicle’s back seats, and can be extended to fit the size of your pet. It has a mesh top for ventilation, and folds flat for storage. Get It Now!


Something For The Cat Loverscat_ten
Yes, cats are welcome at KOAs, too. This handy little tent “habitat” allows your feline friends to enjoy the fresh air while you camp, without getting tangled in a leash. It pops up in one simple motion, and comes with a storage/carry bag. It even connects to more habitats called “Crazy Mazes,” and “Fun Runs.” Get It Now!

ThunderShirts to Calm Your Pets
thundershirtThis one has been around for a few years, but it really works. The ThunderShirt is simply a snug, Velcro-attached “jacket” for your dog that works on the premise that a compression covering calms the pet and makes them feel secure. That can be crucial during your camping trip, and especially during that occasional storm. Yes, it comes for cats, too. Get It Now!

Ramp It Up
As your dog ages, that leap into the back of the truck or SUV becomes a challenge. You can make life a little easier with the Natural Step Dog Ramp. The folding ramp gives your pet easy access to the rear of your vehicle, with steel supports that can hold up to 250 pounds. Get It Now!

Saddle Up!
saddleThe next time you take a hike, let your dog carry what he needs for the adventure with the Max Pack Dog Saddlebags. The pack is great for hikes, walks and runs, and comes with two different size pockets. One size adjusts to fit dogs from 50 pounds to 110 pounds. It’s water resistant and allows your pet to carry up to 25 percent of their body weight. Get It Now!


Find Fido Faster
There are few things as frightening for a pet owner – or their pet – than being unintentionally separated in a strange place. The folks at Pet Hub have a simple solution. Each Pet Hub dog tag comes complete with a unique QR code that can be scanned by most any smart phone. The code will tell the finder all they need to know to locate the rightful owner. Pet Hub says 97 percent of pets lost while wearing the tags were returned in under one day, and 25 percent of them were returned in less than an hour. The tag info includes any info you want, including contact info, license and rabies tag numbers, microchip data, medications and more. Get It Now!